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After seeing my first Doberman at a young age, I marveled at the breed - admiring them from afar. It wasn't until many years later in 2001 that I acquired one of my own - Stryker. He was a Dobe of unknown breeding but uncanny ability. Stryker became a Human Remains Detection canine and earned credit as the Doberman who made me fall in love with the breed. Most importantly, he is my best friend. That passion which Stryker instilled began a multi-year project of reading, researching pedigrees, talking to long-time breeders, trainers and Doberman lovers alike.

In the search for a foundation bitch for my kennel, I needed to have that type of passion and drive in her, as well as the conformation, health and longevity to be up to the grueling tasks required of a disaster search and rescue dog. After years of searching, with the help of a long-time friend and trainer, I located the Irinland Kennel in Moscow, Russia. Fortunately, they had two females fitting the requirements that I was looking for in a Doberman. The one I felt met my goals most closely as both a search and rescue dog and as a brood bitch was Irinland Emili Ester; whom we now call "Styx" after the River Styx from Greek Mythology. An amazing foundation bitch, Styx, who, while training to also become a search and rescue dog, would begin a bloodline that would continually bear the name of that first Doberman... First Stryk.

Over the next two years, with the help of my then-fiance (now husband), friends and trainers, I focused on her training to become a certified Human Remains Detection canine. Shortly after her second birthday, we bred Styx to another direct import, Kob Black Gong. Kobe is a ZTP-rated, dual purpose explosives and apprehension canine. That first litter became First Stryk Dobermanns.

Its inception began with that first Doberman of unknown breeding but, Stryker began my interest and passion for these amazing dogs. A true working breed, the Doberman was developed to assist mankind. Bred with a drive like that, they are able to perform amazing feats.

The pups from that first litter are currently excelling in the fields of search and rescue, Schutzhund, narcotics and explosives detection and in the American Kennel Club conformation ring. They truly are amazing, all-around working Dobermans.

I am Tiffany Brizendine and welcome to First Stryk Dobermanns where beautiful dogs work!

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