Is the Dobe for You?

Owning any breed is a lengthy commitment - A dog is for life! In today's instant gratification world where everything is temporary and recyclable, remember that you are merely the guardian of another life. Please be sure that you are willing to provide an enriching, healthy environment for the life of your pet.

Doberman Pinschers make extremely devoted and loyal companions - if you're willing to put the time and effort required into earning their respect. Like many breeds, Dobes must be well-socialized and take a loving and firm owner who is committed to providing them with numerous, positive learning experiences so that they grow into obedient, well-rounded members of not only your family but also society. However, there are many things to carefully consider before choosing a Doberman as the breed for you.

Many Dobermans have strong personalities and will soon have permissive owners trained. Successful Dobe parents are owners who provide fair and consistent pack leadership. Dobermans are sensitive and will not tolerate rough, abusive or harsh treatment. Their respect is earned, not given.

Don't let that sweet & innocent look fool you!
Dobermans require lots of mental & physical stimulation to be happy, healthy family members.

Dobes, in general, are very active dogs who need a job to challenge them mentally and physically. Many Dobermans and their owners excel at performance events such as agility, tracking or obedience competitions. Additionally, you can find numerous Dobes in service fields such as search and rescue, police work or as guide dogs.

If you are looking for an "outdoor" dog, you had best not get a Doberman. They are a very social breed who will demand daily attention - not always at the most opportune times. They are often referred to as "Velcro" dogs who want nothing more than to be as close as possible to their family members. As a result, Dobermans do not do well in a kennel environment. They will easily stress in a boarding facility or shelter situation where contact with human pack members is limited.

Do you want a dog that is excited and affectionate with every person they meet? If so, you would be smart to research a Golden Retriever or Collie perhaps. A Doberman is loving and affectionate with its family and close friends but is somewhat aloof and distant toward strangers or mere acquaintances. In fact, the breed standard calls for an aloof and reserved manner.

Known for their protective instincts, a well-trained Doberman is a reliable,
loving & dedicated family companion.

Before deciding that a Doberman is the breed for you, attend a dog show or two; meet Dobes and their owners; visit a local club meeting; read as much as possible about the breed and ask a lot of questions. When you are positive that a Doberman is for you, contact a reputable breeder or rescue group.

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