3. Some less-than-reputable "breeders" would have you believe that their dogs are better by calling them "Super Dobes" or by "grading" them as "superior" to infer that they are of high quality. In fact, some of these "breeders" pride themselves on their ability to breed "super-sized" Dobermans. Bigger is not always better. Big Dobermans are not correct. The standard calls for a male to be a maximum of 28 inches at the shoulders and a bitch to be a maximum of 26 inches. A correct male will weigh in the mid-eighty pound range and a correct bitch will weigh in the upper fifty to lower sixty pound range. The Doberman Pinscher is, according to its standard, a medium-sized breed. Remember, in order to be able to work, they must be conformationally sound - meaning they adhere to the breed standard.

Buyers beware of any breeder advertising "Warlock" or "King" Dobermans. These bloodlines are a myth which less-than-stellar breeders use to describe Dobes who are over the standard. To learn more about the history and myth of the "Warlock" and "King" Doberman, click here.

Some of commercial breeders even promise dogs that are "to your specifications" on temperament, when in fact, you will be sold just any puppy out of their many litters. Importantly, some of these breeders charge outrageous prices for the quality level they sell. They typically sell puppies for more than a good show breeder asks for a really top quality pet that was raised in the home and properly socialized.