6. The majority of the pups in my litters are placed in working, sport or show homes and are priced accordingly. A sport home is a home that is interested in some sort of performance (Schutzhund, agility, obedience, rally, etc.) and a working homes is one that is actively pursuing some sort of job (search & rescue, police work, scent detection, tracking, etc.) training with their Doberman. These sport and working pups are VERY high drive and most likely not well-suited for the first time dog owner. These puppies require extensive daily exercise and/or training. Puppies placed in show homes are those with exceptional conformation that most closely resemble the breed standard whose new homes plan on showing them in the conformation ring to obtain their Championship title. Puppies placed in show, sport or working homes are still family companions first and foremost.

The "companion quality" puppies in my litters are no "slouches" either. They too require extensive exercise. And, their conformation, although still good, may not be as good as some of the other pups in the litter. They are also classified as "companion quality" because they may not exhibit the high drive that would make them suitable for some performance or service fields. These puppies are still exceptional Dobermans who would serve you well as friend and playmate.