FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why do they crop the ears and/or dock the tails on Dobermans?

2. How do I know when I've found a good breeder and/or a good puppy? What are some "puppy buying tips" that I should keep in mind when evaluating a breeder?

3. I've seen advertisements for "Warlock," "King" "Super-Dobes" or "Superior-Sized Dobes;" what does all that mean?

4. Do you ship your puppies?

5. What type of health guarantee do you offer on your pups?

6. How much does a First Stryk Dobermann cost? Is there a difference in price for a companion, working/sport or show quality puppy?

7. What are some of the health issues affecting Dobermans?

8. Are Dobermans Nervous?

9. Are Dobermans Shy?

10. I hear the talk about the importance of socializing my puppy. How do I do that? Is it different for an adult Doberman?

11. What do some of the common acronyms that I see with the dogs' names mean?

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