Irinland Emili Ester, CGC, Certified Human Remains Detection Search & Rescue Canine

vWd - Clear
Cerf - Normal (April '08)
Thyroid - Normal
Holter - Normal (June '08)
OFA - Good
The foundation bitch of the First Stryk Dobermanns bloodlines, Irinland Emili Ester, CGC - better known as "Styx" - is a direct import from Moscow, Russia. She is very high-drive, excelling in search and rescue as a Certified Human Remains Detection canine. Styx is also currently preparing for her Schutzhund BH examination this Fall and we have aspirations to give Agility a whirl as well!

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Irinland Emili Ester
CGC, Certified Search & Rescue Human Remains Detection Canine
Ch. Rus., Bel., Ukr., Mold., 25xCW, 3xCACIB, 2xR.CACIB, 10xBOB Irinland Fawn Furios, IPO-I
Ch. Rus., Club DSR, Ch. Bel., Ukr., Lith., Lith. Club Winner Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai, IPO-I, HD-A
Ch. Int., It., Lux. Ugor di Villa Conte, EUW, ScH-I
Ch. Int. Gamon di Campovalano, I-AST-IDC, IPO III
Nancy di Villa Conte
Ch. Rus. Indira v.d. Rauberhole, IPO-I
Ch. Int., It. Prinz v. Norden Stamm, ScH-II, HD-A
Nemesis Figi v. Koepsel
Ch. Rus., Ch. Club DSR, Ch. Cr., Fr. Irinland Josefina Jose,V2 Working Class, IDC, ZTP V 1-A, IPO-I, HD-A
Gadis Geromy del Citone, IPO-I, HD-free
Astor del Citone, HD-1
Bdsg. Ariele D'Armour del Citone, DV SG, Sch-H1
Ch. Int., Ger., Rus., Est., Mex. Irinland Belinda Bless, ZTP 1-A, ScH-I, HD-free
Ch. Int. Gamon di Campovalono, I-AST-IDC, IPO-III
Ch. Rus Wellenberg Julfill Blansh, HD-free
Ch. Rus. Irinland Evita Eden, ZTP V-1A, HD-free
Ch. Int., Ger., Net. Jivago v.h. Wantij,EUW, WW, ScH-III, IPO-III
Ch. Int., Ger., Net., Ast., It., Fin., Lux., Fr. Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam, IDC, ScH-III
Ch. Int., Net. Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry, VDH, EUW, DV-W, IPO-III, ScH-III
Ch. Int., Net., Ger. Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst, IPO-III, HD-A
Ch. Int., Ger. Lara v.h. Wantij, VDH, IPO-I, ScH-III, HD-A
Ch. Int., Net., Ger. Arrow v. Harro's Berg, VDH, EUW, WW, ScH-III, IPO-III
Ch. Int., Net., Lux., Ger. Esmir van Hermansjomaik, VDH, WW, CW, ScH-I, IPO-I, HD-A
Ch. Int., Club Winner DSR, AIAD, Ch. Rus., Mold., Bel., DSR Sieger 2002 Irinland Zena Zefyu, ScH-I, ZTP 1-A, HD-free
Gino Gomez del Citone, IDC, DV, AIAD, SG, ScH-III, FH, HD-free
Astor del Citone, HD-1
Bdsg. Ariele D'Armour del Citone, DV SG, Sch-H1
Ch. Int., Rus., Est., Pol. Margot de Stang-Zu, WW, VDH, ZTP V1A, ScH-I
Ch. Int. Gamon di Campovalono, I-AST-IDC, IPO-III
Ch. Fr., Ger. Nora v. Neerlands Stam
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