Holter Monitor Loan Program

Our Dobermans' lifetime health and well-being is one of our top priorities. They are, after all, family! And, as members of the First Stryk Family, we know that you share the many of the same values we do. So, as our family members, we've created the Holter Monitor Loan Program (HMLP) for First Stryk Dobermann owners.

With this program, a digital holter monitor is made available on loan to you so that, should you choose to, you can have your FSD's heart monitored as often as you like for signs of cardiomyopathy up to twice per year. This program is being offered relatively free of charge to all our FSD family members.

What this program provides:

1. The 5-day use (including shipping times unless otherwise agreed upon) of a DR200 Digital Holter Monitor from Alba Medical for the 24-hour monitoring of your FS Doberman with no rental charges.
2. Use of one (1) digital SD card (this card MUST be returned to me upon completion of the reading).
3. Daily journal and reading submission form to be submitted with the digital SD card for the recording to be read.

How this program works:

1. You must submit a request in order to reserve the holter for a specific date - and for which dog you would like to use it on - in writing either via snail mail or via email to this email address at least 3 weeks ahead of time.
2. When you submit a request, PLEASE include THREE (3) alternate dates should your first choice already be spoken for by someone else.
3. Once I have a reserve date request from you, I will post approved dates on the First Stryk Dobermanns' Road Trip Page in the Calendar and notify you via email of the approved dates.
4. Prior to shipping the holter to you, you must sign an HMLP Contract (which is downloadable at the bottom of this page) and return an original, signed copy to me via snail mail.
5. Should a dog not bred by FSD but who is a member of your immediate pack, which is comprised of a FSD, like to use the holter; you are more than welcome to do so BUT if another request is received from a dog that WAS bred by FSD, then please be aware that your dog may be bumped. Dobermans bred by FSD will always have preference.
6. The only thing that we ask in return is that once you receive your results, you please provide a copy via either email or snail mail to FSD.

Program Requirements (this is also included in the attached document):

1. Dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis if it not currently in use or scheduled for use by a Doberman in our breeding program.
2. Although you are welcome to use the holter on any dog you have; first preference in the reserving of dates is always given to a FS Doberman.
3. You MUST assume all associated costs for having the digital recording read; pay the cost of shipping (with insurance) the holter to you and its return to me as well as purchase your own disposable items as defined previously.
4. You MUST sign and return via snail mail an original copy of the HMLP Contract (which you can download from this page) stating that you agree to be held liable for any damage to the machine up to it's full replacement cost. Although we do expect normal wear and tear to occur, should the machine come back broken (or not come back at all), chewed on, covered in mud, etc. then we expect repair or replacement costs to be covered by the individual using the machine.
5. Please note that this program may be discontinued or amended at any time at the discretion of First Stryk Dobermanns/Tiffany Mahaffey.

In short, we hope that this program will offer you all additional piece of mind with regards to the health and longevity of your FS Doberman. For more information about the importance of annual holter monitoring and cardiomyopathy in the Doberman, click here to read an article presented at the 2005 North American Veterinary Conference.

Styx modeling her Holter Monitor.

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