Our Philosophy

A compact, medium-sized breed, the Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany as a guard. Since their origins, they have been one of several breeds created to serve mankind. Today, they excel in a variety of performance events such as agility as well as in service fields requiring scent detection such as search and rescue.

As a true working breed, a First Stryk Dobermann is happiest when they have a job which not only stimulates but also challenges them. I am also a firm believer that a "true" Doberman is one who is an excellent companion bred with the appropriate drive and temperament and the conformation to directly support their ability to perform in the field.

The First Stryk Dobermanns bloodlines were created with service fields in mind. My background and experience as a search and rescue canine handler has an enormous impact not only on the selection of breeding stock but also on how the puppies are raised. We have a highly-developed, educational curriculum for all of our puppies which, quite literally, begins from the moment of birth and continues until they leave our home at 12 weeks old.

Styx & one her sons, Orinoco, in their Search & Rescue vests.

When planning potential breedings or looking for the "perfect" Dobe to import, I look for dogs with exceptional drive, stable and reliable temperament who have the appropriate conformation required to handle the rigors of becoming a disaster search and rescue or police canine.

Although all of the dogs conform to the AKC standard and we are members of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and the United Doberman Club; my breeding goals are more closely aligned with European standards. As a result, I breed only blacks and reds (the FCI does not recognize any of the dilute colors - fawn and blue - that are recognized in the United States) for high-drive, exceptional health and conformation.

My puppies are home-raised around our other animals, children and specifically with search and rescue in mind. Every pup is exposed to a variety of stimuli in a safe, positive environment that provides learning experiences specially designed to make them confident and comfortable in any number of situations. This is done through the creation of "Puppy Playland" when the puppies are only four weeks old.

Playland is designed like a miniature ruble pile. It exposes the puppies to a variety of textures, sounds, tunnels, teeter-totters, unstable surfaces, noises and movement so that they develop confidence in new environments. First Stryk puppies are, in a word, UNSHAKEABLE! The results are adult Dobermans who are malleable, smart, problem-solvers with confidence, curiosity and drive that is unsurpassed.

Search and rescue work requires not only exceptional drive but also outstanding conformation as well as self confidence and temperament that are unmatched.

Ninety-percent of the puppies born here are placed in working or sport homes. My pups are not only high-drive with good health and exceptional conformation; but they are adventurous, confident and stable. Search and rescue work requires a canine with the drive of a Schutzhund competitor; the conformation from some of the best European bloodlines and stability of temperament that is unparalleled. Eighty-percent of my puppies are placed in search and rescue homes.

And those are what I am most proud of... So that others may live.

Click on any of thumbnails below to see First Stryk Dobermann puppies enjoying Playland.

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